Hot Tub Decks

How To Plan for a Hot Tub on Your Deck

Looking to incorporate a hot tub (or spa) into your deck plans? We can help! Here are a few things to consider as you create your deck plan.

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Deck Hot Tub Installation Options: Top-Mount & Inset (Sunk)

The two most common spa types for a deck are top-mount and sunk (or inset).

A top mount hot tub is placed on the deck surface and is ideal for adding a hot tub to an existing deck. This type is easier and most cost-effective when building a new deck.

A sunk-style hot tub for your deck requires a secondary deck that’s typically 16 to 20 inches lower than the upper deck. This option gives you a cleaner, more integrated look, but is more costly than a top mount.


  • Hot tub sits on deck surface
  • Deck might need to be reinforced to handle the weight
  • Easier to install on existing deck

Hot tub placed on deck surface.

Inset or Sunk

  • Blends in better with surroundings
  • Easier to get in to and out from compared to top-mount
  • Finished, resort-style look

Inset hot tub in deck.

Hot Tub Decks We’ve Built

Project Summary: This 620 square foot deck in Elverson has a lot of features: A built-in inset/sunk spa area for easy access & a built-in custom flower box for beauty and privacy.

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Grilling area on deck

Project Summary: This custom deck in Lincoln University, PA included a screened-in area and a space just outside it for a spa.

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Placement of a Hot Tub on Your Deck

  • Privacy Considerations: Placing your deck spa closer to your home is often better. A privacy screen, pergola or other design element will shield your space from the people next door.
  • Water Source: It’s convenient to have a hose nearby for quick and easy re-filling.
  • Appropriate Space: You want to be sure there’s room for the cover to lift without obstruction and that the spa isn’t blocking walkways.
  • Sun & Shade: Consider where and at what time of day the hot tub will get full sun, partial sun, and shade.
  • Maximize the View: Place your hot tub so you can enjoy a relaxing soak and the backyard scenery but at the same time not interfere with the view from inside the house.
  • Power: Your hot tub will need a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) electrical outlet nearby for power. A licensed electrical contractor will need to do the work.


Hot Tub Deck FAQ

How much does it cost to build a deck with a hot tub?

There are two common ways to include a hot tub on a deck.

Option 1: Set the hot tub on top of the deck. This is a less costly option and only requires adding more beams under the deck for support. The extra support beams cost approximately $1,000 more.

Option 2: Add a sunk hot tub. This option requires a secondary deck that’s typically 16 to 20 inches lower than the upper deck. The upper decking is then nicely notched around the hot tub. This option would cost approximately $5,000 to $7,000 more.

Is it safe to put a hot tub/spa on a deck?

Yes, but only if your deck is properly modified to withstand the extra weight.

Do I need to reinforce my deck for a hot tub/spa?

Yes. A reputable professional contractor will know what’s required by code.

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